Almost everyone in the world has heard that great story of man, God and evil conversing and the victory that ensued as God in man triumphed evil, but I believe that there is in that story some salient points that we cannot forgot or lose.

We’d take them bit by bit as truth unveils its face to heal us.

With the first temptation of ‘Turning stones into Bread’, Jesus by saying “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word out of the mouth of God” leads us by teaching us that though food/bread has a way of satisfying us, God himself and what he says is our sustenance. It is Jesus telling us that God is so satisfying that he can quench even the physical hungers within us. In this answer, the Lord reiterates that God is food to be eaten, his word is nutrients for our living, and his presence is true satisfaction.

Like me, I love bread; literally! But I see God calling me into the deep by showing me that beyond food (which is super super great!) and the honest cravings that seek satisfaction within me is him — who is bread and life.

Bread isn’t just food; bread is acceptance, love, friendship, achievements, and virtually anything that can satisfy that without it flowing from him, the enemy can use to lead us astray. Bread represents desires we feel that are genuine and tangible and like with Jesus, it was always God’s intention to supply but the darkness shows up, while we wait and asks us to take control of our satisfaction instead of leaving it to God.

Jesus in that beautiful answer teaches us that we cannot be led by the desires within us or the voices that tell us to show off or forth before we are due. The devil used the big question of identity “if you are” to try to lead Jesus to show off and Jesus saw through the lie. We do not need to prove ourselves to anyone or for anything, even when we feel like we need the fruits of what we may prove. Jesus understood that it is the Father who would supply, blossom and bring forth every fruit or thing we need. He understood that he had to trust him to be who is says he is, as it is written.

What is that thing asking you to turn stones into bread in your life, asking you to blossom out of time? For me it’s been the success of my peers and the time that seems to be passing me by but my affirmation today is

“I shall not live by success alone but by every word that comes out of my Father’s mouth and he is saying, ‘I’ve got you’,

“I’ll prosper you”,

‘I’ll never leave nor forsake you’,

‘I am your success’,

‘Watch me do a new thing’,

‘Rest in me’,

‘I am with you’.


Loved by Jesus, Living in his rest!!